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Online giving has several benefits for churches, including allowing members to donate quickly and easily, reaching new members, and even offering online donations as an alternative to in-person ones. Churches can stay on top of their donation records and communicate with their donors more effectively. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of online giving for churches.


Research suggests online giving is more successful than traditional face-to-face fundraising in building and retaining donor relationships. If a congregation’s members are already comfortable with online giving, they’re more likely to recommend it to their friends and family members who aren’t part of their church community. This leads to organic growth in membership through evangelism—the hallmark of any successful church ministry!

Are you looking to give more but can’t fit it into your busy schedule? Do you wish there was an easier way to make donations? I want to no more. With online giving, it’s easy to support your church from any location, at any time. You don’t have to wait in line at an in-person donation box or miss a TV program that you love. Give any time, anywhere with online giving—and know that your contribution is going toward supporting your favorite causes and ministries!  

When an online giving program is well implemented, your church can save on costs associated with physical donation envelopes and manual bookkeeping processes. Additionally, online donations provide your church with valuable data about donors’ habits. For example, you can use analytics to learn how much time visitors spend on your website and which donation methods they prefer. This information helps you to optimize your design and content to increase conversions. As a result, your church will enjoy greater income efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness or mission focus.


With online giving, you never have to chase down cash or checks. You can set up automatic charges and withdrawals to charge regular amounts like rent, utilities, or your mortgage. Also, there’s no need to send out bills or reminders with online giving because every dollar you want is billed automatically. It’s even easier than writing a check!

If you aren’t using online giving, you are not utilizing one of your most powerful tools to help support your church. Churches who don’t use online giving are hurting their financial base and growth because people want to donate on their own time, not yours. You may think it takes too much work or isn’t worth it, but we want to show you how using online giving can benefit your church (and make life easier).